Tournaments: 8
Current handicap: 36
Best result: Winner - Oct 2004 Raglan
DNFs None
Most ever drinks: 64 & 1 port Hunterville 2001
Average score(last 3 games): 153.3 (148.7)
Average stableford (last 3 games): 13.5 (13.5)
Average drinks incl ports (last 3 games): 39.3 (49.3)

 Often the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons and has set numerous on course records at the wrong end of the scale. This has resulted in an oversized fuel tank about his midriff. He stunned the golfing world with a knock out victory at Raglan in 2004 after being carried through to the final by his team. Sadly he has not been seen or heard from since .Quite possibly the worst golfer to ever win a tournament anywhere.

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