Tournaments: 24
Current handicap: 25
Best result: Winner - Jan 1994 Mt Manganui
                 Jan 1995 Waitara 
                 Feb 2007 Manukorihi    
                 Dec 2007 Ohura         
                 May 2010 Tokoroa 
DNFs 1 Matamata 2009 - 16th hole
Most ever drinks: 51 & 1 port Piopio 2008
Average score(last 3 games): 98.2 (97.7)
Average stableford (last 3 games): 30.8 (33.0)
Average drinks incl ports (last 3 games): 32.4 (35.7)

Competitive handicapper who's lack of size can cause rapid inebriation. After his wife had him castrated in 1995 it was twelve years before he won another tournament but his name is now regularly engraved on the trophy. Kelvin introduced a green leaders jacket in 2001 which fits himself perfectly but is too small for anyone else. He attributes his abnormally high drinking average to being commonly partnered with Funnel or Wilson.

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