Tournaments: 12
Current handicap: 36
Best result: 2nd - Aug 1994 Paparoa
DNFs 1 Pirongia 2000 - 12th hole
Most ever drinks: 47 & 2 ports Te Poi 2002
Average score(last 3 games): 128.8 (122.0)
Average stableford (last 3 games): 22.6 (26.3)
Average drinks incl ports (last 3 games): 36.8 (40.7)

Strikes fear into the heart of any golfer unlucky enough to be partnered with him as he gains great delight in other peoples misfortunes, even if they're his partner. Enjoys his after-functions immensely often at the expense of other patrons and is a publican's worst nightmare. He is also a publican's daughter's worst nightmare.

And if publican's pets had nightmares he would also feature prominently.

Has not featured since 2003.

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