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  1. Tournament venue to be decided by founding members.       
  2. Entrance fee to be submitted before commencement of play.
  3. Minimum of one dozen cans or stubbies to be bought along by each competitor.
  4. Beer must be of at least 4% alcohol volume.
  5. One scull will be the penalty for:

a)      air-shots on the tee

b)      a tee shot stopping before reaching the ladies tee

c)      any shot played in a sand bunker

d)      each dropped shot

e)      each lost ball

f)        double figures scored on any one hole

g)      any pars scored by other competitors

h)      loss of hole – if more than one person are equally the worst on a given hole they all scull

  1. Two sculls will be the penalty for

a)      any birdies scored by other competitors.

b)      moving, hiding or damaging a ball while a search for that particular ball is in progress.

7.      Any player who gets the ball on the green from the tee-off may nominate another competitor to consume one scull

  1. All sculls are to be consumed before the next tee-off
  2. All sculls must be consumed out of the designated vessel, to be chosen by the founding members before the game commences.
  3. Any request by a player teeing off asking other competitors to be quiet may be completely ignored
  4. In the event of a lost ball, the player of the ball shall have a maximum of two minutes to recover the ball once he is at the appropriate spot at which the ball disappeared from sight.
  5. Other competitors must help, or pretend to help search for a lost ball.
  6. Striking another competitor with a club with intent to injure shall result in the offending player’s instant disqualification.
  7. The winner of the game is the player who completes the course with the highest number of stableford points. If there is a draw, the winner shall be decided under rule 13 unless one of the leading players is the current holder of the trophy, then he will retain it, undefeated. P
  8. If there is a draw and the current holder of the trophy is either absent or has scored higher than the leading players at the end of the game, then the winner shall be decided by caber tossing. One caber toss per player using whichever of their clubs they choose, shall be given.
  9. The winner is entitled to go on about how fuckin good they are.





    17.  Anyone who gets a hole in one is the instant winner of the trophy and other players must buy him all the alcohol he can drink for the remainder of the night.

  1. All players with a golfing handicap must play off their handicap when taking stableford points into account.
  2. Each player shall have a drinking partner allocated for them. The current holder of the trophy must be paired with the worst player present as decided on recent form. The next best player shall be paired with the second worst player, third best with third worst and so on. If there is an odd number of players present the most average player shall be paired with an imaginary player known as Wilson. All players must do not only their own penalty but their partner’s penalties as well. If Wilson is present his partner will drink twice for every penalty drink.
  3. There shall be at least one port hole per tournament. The designated port hole is normally the last par three of the round. Furthest from the pin from the tee off will result in a port scull for the offender, but not his drinking partner. More than one port hole may be decided upon before commencement of play if desired, as long as there is enough port available.

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