Tournaments held: 42

  Total number of competitors: 40
  Number of winners: 13

  Biggest field: 22 - Raglan Oct 2004
  Smallest field: 3 - Mangakino 2000

   The average Thirsty Cup      competitor in history would:  
Score 124.1 off the stick
Get 22.7 stableford points
                            Have 34.0 drinks (including ports)
Upcoming Milestones:  
20th port for Alan (currently stands at 18)   
                       Total list of players:
A. Vesty
C. Tempero
K. Washer
J. Niumata
D. Kerrigan
L. Paniora
J. Johnson
K. Judd
M. Bailey
B. Judd
P. Lyford
W. Tempero
C. Murray
D. Fuller

S. May
D. Judd
P. Slattery
V. Maaka
A. Race
C. Webby
R. Wilford
D. Tihema
C. Gibbons
S. Stanners
S. O'Sullivan
M. Venables
J. Scheddeway
R. Van Der Beukin
R. Hutterd
B. Cave
S. Mouatt
S. Elvis
W. Slattery
The best ever score off the stick was 80 by Vaughan at Pungarehu in 2002. It wasnt enough to win the tournament
The most ever stableford points was 48 by Blair at Reparoa in 2011
The highest score off the stick is 199. The lowest number of stableford points in a game is 5
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